morning out of school

Today I had to be at school at 8.10 buuuuuut, I went there at 10.45 ! I didn't want to go on my geography lesson but then I decided neither to go on chemistry ... At least I missed next lesson too-polish . Hahaha...
At this time I went with my friend Karolina(CHECK HER OUT ! ) to caffee shop, then  for a walk and to the SH ! :) Then we came back to school only for 4 lessons . It was a bit crazy day ... Of course we took some photos ! Enjoy !


                                                            MY NEW FRIENDS♥
                                                                      i love them !

Lots of love,


  1. Reklama za reklamę? Haha, to już prawie jak komencik za komencik ; p.
    I love your shirt, and I'm still kinda sad (and kinda amused) about this how you tear it. Haha, you're really wimp person!

  2. Killer shoes! And I adore your header.

    Love Grace.