Happy New Year ! ! !

Tonight is the most important night of the year ! In 2010 many things have changed... Will see what 2011 will bring ! But now I wish U everything what U only want ! I hope that the new year will be for U all amazing !
In 2 hours I'm going for a little party to my friend ! It will be SUSHI NIGHT ! YEY ! : ))

It is the last post in this year. Look what a pretty t-shirt I found ! Love it !

Dziś jest najważniejsza noc w roku! Rok 2010 przyniósł wiele zmian.. Zobaczymy co przyniesie 2011! Ale teraz życzę Wam spełnienia wszystkich marzeń ! Mam nadzieję, że 2011 będzie dla Was wszystkich niesamowity! Za 2 godziny idę na moją małą imprezkę ze znajomymi! To będzie SUSHI NIGHT! :))

W ostatnim poście w tym roku chciałabym Wam pokazać jaką piękną koszulkę znalazłam! Love it!

Lots of love,


like a nerd

I'm studing studing and studing!

+ my 'nerds' came !

Uczę się i uczę ! Przyszły moje "nerdy"



My stupid face + t-shirt with moustache

On Friday I was on the clothes changing ! I found a lot of clothes !  When I find a little time I will take some photos and show U my new "friends"!
I did this t-shirt by myself ! ( Sorry for my stupid faces ! hahaha ) I really like it ! Big thanks for Stephanie from youngforeverrr.blogspot.com !
I saw this idea on her blog ! If U like to see how to do it - Check Out her blog !
Tomorrow Santa is coming ! I haven't been good this year... But I hope that He will forgive me ! hahahaha

OK, I have to come back to my homeworks ! See U soon !

W piątek byłam na wymianie ciuchowej! Znalazłam mnóstwo pięności, może wkrótce Wam je pokażę! 

Tę koszulkę wykonałam sama (wybaczcie moje głupie miny hahah) Bardzo jestem,z niej zadowolona! Pomysł znalazłam na blogu Stephanie youngforeverrr.blogspot.com !

Jutro przychodzi święty Mikołąj! W sumie nie byłam zbyt grzeczna w tym roku... Mam nadzieję, że mi to wybaczy!  haha

ok wracam do mych obowiązków naukowych ! Do zobaczenia wkrótce!

Lots of love,


Black Monday

Wellingtons, wellingtons... I really like wellingtons ! They make your outfit more special ! A year ago  I found a very orginal onein Venezia, I fell for them so I bought them. At home I decided that I don't have clothes with which I can wear my new wellingtons ( the true is that I was a little afraid to put on them... ). I wore these boots only once. Today I decided to let them see a day light, again ! They are very specific - not everybody can like them but I think that they are very very cool ! I'm still looking  for some clothes which will harmonize with them !
Maybe on Friday I will find something because I'm going on a big clothes changing ! I'm so excited because I really need new clothes to exist ( it's like with oxygen ! hahaha ). How it works ? You have to bring some of your clothes which U don't want to wear anymore and then U are looking what another people brings and U can take what U want !!! :)
So I'm counting days to Friday ! Of course I will show U everything which I will take ! Wish me luck !

+My OUTFIT is again in 'Day Best' on Stylio.pl ! I'm so excited ! :))

Lots of love,

today's outfit:
sweater-no name ( from my mum's closet ! )


Winter Came !

 So it's official-winter came. In the radio they said that it will be very strong winter but the best thing is that probably on Christmas it will be white around ! BUT believe me it's very very cold and I'm freezing at my home !
 Few days ago I found in my mum's closet some old clothes from her youth ! But the most beautiful thing which I discovered is this green jacket ! I LOVE IT !

Lots of love from white Poland,

Fox tails

I really like this trend with fox tails hooked to bags ! It looks so stylish and cute! So today i bought on the internet 2 fox tails! I was thinking about pink or blue one... but finally I decided to buy red and silver ! I hope they will come soon !

And what do U think about it ??

Louis Vuitton Spring 2010


Blind Willie McTell-Delia

Lots of love,


Fishtail Braid

Finally I know how to braid a fishtail ! I fell for it at the first time when I saw it somewhere.. But I never knew how to do it and I didn't have long hair enough for it. Today I decided to try it ! And... Victoria ! I did it and it's beautiful ! : ) I watched some films on youtube and now my life it more colourful ! hahaha Probably now I will plait it everyday !

W końcu nauczyłam się jak zrobić kłosa! Zakochałam się w nim od pierwszego wejrzenia kiedy go gdzieś ujrzałam... Ale nigdy nie wiedziałam jak go upleść i nie miałam wystarczająco długich włosów. Dziś postanowiłam spróbować. I... Zwycięstwo! Zrobiłam to i wyszło cudnie! :) Obejrzałam pare filmików na yt i teraz moje życie stało się bardziej kolorowe! hahaha Teraz pewnie będę go pleść dzień w dzień !

Don't You know how to do it ? Check out this video, it should be helpful for You !:)

Lots of love,



kiss me thru the phone...

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday = Days out of school just for me ! I'm sitting at home and doing a lot of things... or in fact i'm doing nothing. It's sad a little. But today I was on French and now i understand most of these 'things'. Finally... I really like to learn it , seriously. If my French and Spanish will be in very good condition I want to learn Russian ! Probably I don't need it but I love the sound of this languege... But it's only a plan for the future. In April I'm going to pass FCE and in next 2 years I have to pass CAE if I want to study abroad. Will see...
Oh, I really hate watching your blogs Guys ! When I see all these beautiful things which I can't have it makes me feel depression ! If only I could I really like to have all those clothes, shoes, bags, rings, etc. But it's impossible. Hahahaha... But seriusly I'm taking ispirations for my outfits from it. Thanks ! : )
It was snowing today and it's very very very very cold... So I'm sitting in my sweater in geese. I really like it ! It's so worm and have lovely colours ! It cost less than 1 euro (from SH) ! 
Sorry for my photos , they are not very good today...

+2 days ago my outfit was again in "Day Best" on  stylio.pl . Wohoo ! :)

Lost of  love,


Je ne comprends pas...

Now the only thing in my mind is SCHOOL , SCHOOL & SCHOOL. Help Me ! Whole nights I'm studying and studying.... It makes me crazy... Every week I have got 4-5 exams. I lost in French and now I don't understans anything... so I have to take some extra lessons. I hate geography at school ! Really I HATE IT !
Today is very fuckin day for me...
Few words about today's outfit.
So taday the weather was very very bad and I wanted to feel very worm and comfortable. In fact I really enjoy it ! : ))
Jacket- Levis
Furry Cap I bought on last year's bazaar in my city.
I'm waiting for few free minutes to read "Elle" and drink dark chocolate... Hopefully it's only month to Christmas !

Losts of love,


Winter is coming !

Everyday it becomes colder and colder... Soon probably will be snowing. Evetybody starts to wears worm clothes and they look like snowmen. What's going on ?!
So finally I can wear my new coats & winter jackets !  They have been waiting few month for this moment. And the best part is that everything was VERY CHEAP !
So today I want to show U some of my winter jackets. :))

* The beautyful furry jacket .
It was a present for me from my mum's friend.
I love it, it's so warm and stylish .

* Leopard Dream .
This cute coat I bought in SH (no name).
It cost about 20 euros !

* Levis Winter Jacket .
This is my fresh purchase ! I bought it yesterday .
And the most surprising part is that it cost less than 2 euros !

Now the most difficult thing for me is to decide which one should I wear first ! hahahaha

Lots of love,


I didn't sleep at night

Today I don't have many photos because i looked terrible after whole night without sleep... I was studing history...
But I had very interesting skirt from Simple , i like it very much !
I'm reading "Pride & Prejudice" and i adore Mr Darcy ! I love the film, and now i'm starting to love the book !

Probably that's all for today. I have to come back to my homeworks...

Lots of love,


4 days with math, history, geography and latin + couple new things

I am sitting and studing... Tomorrow I have got 4 exams .. and on Wednesday another 2. I don't know how I want to pass it...
The only thing that I can show U today it's my domestic outfit ! hahaha
This shirt is from SH and check out my new cute socks from Oysho !
Also recently I bought couple new things  !
Have U ever seen "True Blood" ? Wow, I love it ! In 7 days I watched 3 series !
Also I adore title song !
Jace Everett-Bad Things
* Hmm.. that's all for today .. i have to come to my homeworks...

Lots of love,

pyjamas,socks & tights - Oysho


Full of dots

I present U my new jacket from SH ! It's so so cute ! and it cost only about 4 euro ! I LOVE IT !
Also U can see my rabbit t-shirt from River Island but it's from summer collection.
Tomorrow I'm going with my friends to the cinema on "Paranormal Activity 2 " ! I saw first part of it and for me it was very scarry ! So I really want to see second part ! : ))
This weekend will be very busy for me because in next week I have a lot of exams - english, latin, chemistry and history... So I have to study, study and study.But now in Poland weather is very rainy and because of that I don't feel very good. Everything looks so grey and sad. I'm waiting for spring !
It's only 2 months to Christmas ! : >>

Lots of love,


My room is almost finished !

I'm so excited that finally i have my dream room so i have to share with U this good news ! It's almost finished . I have to hang some pix on the walls. As U can see walls are pink, but it don't look sweet and tacky, for me it looks worm and cosily ! Probably because I have got  furnitures in old style. : )
I love it and i feel very comfortable in it ! I think that this room says everything about me ...
Now I'm drinking tasty lemonade and learning physics, because i have big test tomorrow ! Cute.....

And what do U think ? Do U like it ? ;-)

** Yesterday I went with my friends to the cinema . We were on "The Social Network"- it's about Mark Zuckerberg - he invented "Facebook". It's a really great film ! U have to watch it !

Lots of love,