Black Monday

Wellingtons, wellingtons... I really like wellingtons ! They make your outfit more special ! A year ago  I found a very orginal onein Venezia, I fell for them so I bought them. At home I decided that I don't have clothes with which I can wear my new wellingtons ( the true is that I was a little afraid to put on them... ). I wore these boots only once. Today I decided to let them see a day light, again ! They are very specific - not everybody can like them but I think that they are very very cool ! I'm still looking  for some clothes which will harmonize with them !
Maybe on Friday I will find something because I'm going on a big clothes changing ! I'm so excited because I really need new clothes to exist ( it's like with oxygen ! hahaha ). How it works ? You have to bring some of your clothes which U don't want to wear anymore and then U are looking what another people brings and U can take what U want !!! :)
So I'm counting days to Friday ! Of course I will show U everything which I will take ! Wish me luck !

+My OUTFIT is again in 'Day Best' on Stylio.pl ! I'm so excited ! :))

Lots of love,

today's outfit:
sweater-no name ( from my mum's closet ! )


Winter Came !

 So it's official-winter came. In the radio they said that it will be very strong winter but the best thing is that probably on Christmas it will be white around ! BUT believe me it's very very cold and I'm freezing at my home !
 Few days ago I found in my mum's closet some old clothes from her youth ! But the most beautiful thing which I discovered is this green jacket ! I LOVE IT !

Lots of love from white Poland,

Fox tails

I really like this trend with fox tails hooked to bags ! It looks so stylish and cute! So today i bought on the internet 2 fox tails! I was thinking about pink or blue one... but finally I decided to buy red and silver ! I hope they will come soon !

And what do U think about it ??

Louis Vuitton Spring 2010


Blind Willie McTell-Delia

Lots of love,


Fishtail Braid

Finally I know how to braid a fishtail ! I fell for it at the first time when I saw it somewhere.. But I never knew how to do it and I didn't have long hair enough for it. Today I decided to try it ! And... Victoria ! I did it and it's beautiful ! : ) I watched some films on youtube and now my life it more colourful ! hahaha Probably now I will plait it everyday !

W końcu nauczyłam się jak zrobić kłosa! Zakochałam się w nim od pierwszego wejrzenia kiedy go gdzieś ujrzałam... Ale nigdy nie wiedziałam jak go upleść i nie miałam wystarczająco długich włosów. Dziś postanowiłam spróbować. I... Zwycięstwo! Zrobiłam to i wyszło cudnie! :) Obejrzałam pare filmików na yt i teraz moje życie stało się bardziej kolorowe! hahaha Teraz pewnie będę go pleść dzień w dzień !

Don't You know how to do it ? Check out this video, it should be helpful for You !:)

Lots of love,



kiss me thru the phone...

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday = Days out of school just for me ! I'm sitting at home and doing a lot of things... or in fact i'm doing nothing. It's sad a little. But today I was on French and now i understand most of these 'things'. Finally... I really like to learn it , seriously. If my French and Spanish will be in very good condition I want to learn Russian ! Probably I don't need it but I love the sound of this languege... But it's only a plan for the future. In April I'm going to pass FCE and in next 2 years I have to pass CAE if I want to study abroad. Will see...
Oh, I really hate watching your blogs Guys ! When I see all these beautiful things which I can't have it makes me feel depression ! If only I could I really like to have all those clothes, shoes, bags, rings, etc. But it's impossible. Hahahaha... But seriusly I'm taking ispirations for my outfits from it. Thanks ! : )
It was snowing today and it's very very very very cold... So I'm sitting in my sweater in geese. I really like it ! It's so worm and have lovely colours ! It cost less than 1 euro (from SH) ! 
Sorry for my photos , they are not very good today...

+2 days ago my outfit was again in "Day Best" on  stylio.pl . Wohoo ! :)

Lost of  love,


Je ne comprends pas...

Now the only thing in my mind is SCHOOL , SCHOOL & SCHOOL. Help Me ! Whole nights I'm studying and studying.... It makes me crazy... Every week I have got 4-5 exams. I lost in French and now I don't understans anything... so I have to take some extra lessons. I hate geography at school ! Really I HATE IT !
Today is very fuckin day for me...
Few words about today's outfit.
So taday the weather was very very bad and I wanted to feel very worm and comfortable. In fact I really enjoy it ! : ))
Jacket- Levis
Furry Cap I bought on last year's bazaar in my city.
I'm waiting for few free minutes to read "Elle" and drink dark chocolate... Hopefully it's only month to Christmas !

Losts of love,


Winter is coming !

Everyday it becomes colder and colder... Soon probably will be snowing. Evetybody starts to wears worm clothes and they look like snowmen. What's going on ?!
So finally I can wear my new coats & winter jackets !  They have been waiting few month for this moment. And the best part is that everything was VERY CHEAP !
So today I want to show U some of my winter jackets. :))

* The beautyful furry jacket .
It was a present for me from my mum's friend.
I love it, it's so warm and stylish .

* Leopard Dream .
This cute coat I bought in SH (no name).
It cost about 20 euros !

* Levis Winter Jacket .
This is my fresh purchase ! I bought it yesterday .
And the most surprising part is that it cost less than 2 euros !

Now the most difficult thing for me is to decide which one should I wear first ! hahahaha

Lots of love,


I didn't sleep at night

Today I don't have many photos because i looked terrible after whole night without sleep... I was studing history...
But I had very interesting skirt from Simple , i like it very much !
I'm reading "Pride & Prejudice" and i adore Mr Darcy ! I love the film, and now i'm starting to love the book !

Probably that's all for today. I have to come back to my homeworks...

Lots of love,


4 days with math, history, geography and latin + couple new things

I am sitting and studing... Tomorrow I have got 4 exams .. and on Wednesday another 2. I don't know how I want to pass it...
The only thing that I can show U today it's my domestic outfit ! hahaha
This shirt is from SH and check out my new cute socks from Oysho !
Also recently I bought couple new things  !
Have U ever seen "True Blood" ? Wow, I love it ! In 7 days I watched 3 series !
Also I adore title song !
Jace Everett-Bad Things
* Hmm.. that's all for today .. i have to come to my homeworks...

Lots of love,

pyjamas,socks & tights - Oysho


Full of dots

I present U my new jacket from SH ! It's so so cute ! and it cost only about 4 euro ! I LOVE IT !
Also U can see my rabbit t-shirt from River Island but it's from summer collection.
Tomorrow I'm going with my friends to the cinema on "Paranormal Activity 2 " ! I saw first part of it and for me it was very scarry ! So I really want to see second part ! : ))
This weekend will be very busy for me because in next week I have a lot of exams - english, latin, chemistry and history... So I have to study, study and study.But now in Poland weather is very rainy and because of that I don't feel very good. Everything looks so grey and sad. I'm waiting for spring !
It's only 2 months to Christmas ! : >>

Lots of love,


My room is almost finished !

I'm so excited that finally i have my dream room so i have to share with U this good news ! It's almost finished . I have to hang some pix on the walls. As U can see walls are pink, but it don't look sweet and tacky, for me it looks worm and cosily ! Probably because I have got  furnitures in old style. : )
I love it and i feel very comfortable in it ! I think that this room says everything about me ...
Now I'm drinking tasty lemonade and learning physics, because i have big test tomorrow ! Cute.....

And what do U think ? Do U like it ? ;-)

** Yesterday I went with my friends to the cinema . We were on "The Social Network"- it's about Mark Zuckerberg - he invented "Facebook". It's a really great film ! U have to watch it !

Lots of love,