My favourites !

Today I want to show U my favourite things in my wardrobe !

So here we start !

My first and only love is this lovely, furry vest from Zara. I LOVE IT !
I can wear it everyday ! Amazing !

I love to wear this romantic hat ,which is also from Zara ,when I am in good mood ! It makes me happier ! : ))

Zara's shoes ! I bought it in Spain and it cost only 20 euros !

Shoes from Venezia. These colours together are making me crazy !

Blue watch, and braceletes ! I'm wearing it almost everyday !

Nailpolish ! Thing without which I can't leave ! This cream one is my favourite !

FAKE earring ! I made it by myself !
Say 'HELLO!' to my beautiful, new dress ! ! ! I bought it in second hand last Friday ! It cost about 1 EURO ! IT'S LOVELY ! 
The last thing which I need to be happy and have a great day is... A CARAMEL TEA !



  1. oh I lvoe teh boots from zara!I want them for so long!
    your header makes me crazy,like it.

  2. thank you :)
    I love your Blog, espacially your header, it's so confusing :D
    your photos are so nice and i love thoses shoes from zara ! ♥

  3. Ale świetne dwukolorowe botki!!

  4. Oh thank U all !!! :)

    On my header is Tim Walker's photo ! He's the real genius !!!