kiss me thru the phone...

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday = Days out of school just for me ! I'm sitting at home and doing a lot of things... or in fact i'm doing nothing. It's sad a little. But today I was on French and now i understand most of these 'things'. Finally... I really like to learn it , seriously. If my French and Spanish will be in very good condition I want to learn Russian ! Probably I don't need it but I love the sound of this languege... But it's only a plan for the future. In April I'm going to pass FCE and in next 2 years I have to pass CAE if I want to study abroad. Will see...
Oh, I really hate watching your blogs Guys ! When I see all these beautiful things which I can't have it makes me feel depression ! If only I could I really like to have all those clothes, shoes, bags, rings, etc. But it's impossible. Hahahaha... But seriusly I'm taking ispirations for my outfits from it. Thanks ! : )
It was snowing today and it's very very very very cold... So I'm sitting in my sweater in geese. I really like it ! It's so worm and have lovely colours ! It cost less than 1 euro (from SH) ! 
Sorry for my photos , they are not very good today...

+2 days ago my outfit was again in "Day Best" on  stylio.pl . Wohoo ! :)

Lost of  love,


  1. Honey, you don't need a lot of things, your style is amazing!!!
    I really like you blog, you are so cute!!!
    Kisses from Spain!!!

  2. You are learning spanish?...that´s really cool...Creo que es muy bonito que decidas aprender a hablar español!...:)



  3. Love the sweater, and the colors it has!


  4. chciałabyś odsprzedać sweter? oddam wszystko