My room is almost finished !

I'm so excited that finally i have my dream room so i have to share with U this good news ! It's almost finished . I have to hang some pix on the walls. As U can see walls are pink, but it don't look sweet and tacky, for me it looks worm and cosily ! Probably because I have got  furnitures in old style. : )
I love it and i feel very comfortable in it ! I think that this room says everything about me ...
Now I'm drinking tasty lemonade and learning physics, because i have big test tomorrow ! Cute.....

And what do U think ? Do U like it ? ;-)

** Yesterday I went with my friends to the cinema . We were on "The Social Network"- it's about Mark Zuckerberg - he invented "Facebook". It's a really great film ! U have to watch it !

Lots of love,


  1. Oh my goodness, it looks gorgeous!

  2. Your room is beautiful! It looks so vintage and pretty, I love it! It definitely makes my room look boring and messy haha! :) I'm now following, by the way! :)

  3. oh wow your furnitures are amazing!

  4. genialnie urządzony pokój!!!