Black Monday

Wellingtons, wellingtons... I really like wellingtons ! They make your outfit more special ! A year ago  I found a very orginal onein Venezia, I fell for them so I bought them. At home I decided that I don't have clothes with which I can wear my new wellingtons ( the true is that I was a little afraid to put on them... ). I wore these boots only once. Today I decided to let them see a day light, again ! They are very specific - not everybody can like them but I think that they are very very cool ! I'm still looking  for some clothes which will harmonize with them !
Maybe on Friday I will find something because I'm going on a big clothes changing ! I'm so excited because I really need new clothes to exist ( it's like with oxygen ! hahaha ). How it works ? You have to bring some of your clothes which U don't want to wear anymore and then U are looking what another people brings and U can take what U want !!! :)
So I'm counting days to Friday ! Of course I will show U everything which I will take ! Wish me luck !

+My OUTFIT is again in 'Day Best' on Stylio.pl ! I'm so excited ! :))

Lots of love,

today's outfit:
sweater-no name ( from my mum's closet ! )


  1. Beautiful outfit...can´t wait to see what new items you take home.



  2. Wow, cool style! Thanks for your comment :)) I follow you :D