Winter is coming !

Everyday it becomes colder and colder... Soon probably will be snowing. Evetybody starts to wears worm clothes and they look like snowmen. What's going on ?!
So finally I can wear my new coats & winter jackets !  They have been waiting few month for this moment. And the best part is that everything was VERY CHEAP !
So today I want to show U some of my winter jackets. :))

* The beautyful furry jacket .
It was a present for me from my mum's friend.
I love it, it's so warm and stylish .

* Leopard Dream .
This cute coat I bought in SH (no name).
It cost about 20 euros !

* Levis Winter Jacket .
This is my fresh purchase ! I bought it yesterday .
And the most surprising part is that it cost less than 2 euros !

Now the most difficult thing for me is to decide which one should I wear first ! hahahaha

Lots of love,

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  1. Love all of them!

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